The Soup Course

This post is not about soup, it is about blogging on WordPress. I just started this blog, within the last few hours. I am about as fresh as you can get! I have been searching for other blogs with foodie posts and topical debate posts. I typed in “SOUP” to my search bar and the weirdest thing happened….

…exactly the same post, same picture, same paragraph appeared over and over, but apparently published by multiple bloggers. How odd!!! What is all that about. Why don’t you try it? If you type in “SOUP” or more specifically “ROASTED PUMPKIN SOUP” and then select DATE (instead of relevance) on the top right side of the search bar, you will see how many identical posts published by lots and lots of different bloggers there are. Or maybe they aren’t different bloggers at all? Are they all the same blogger?

Does anyone know how or why that happens? Or is this some kind of crazy copyright caper?

8 thoughts on “The Soup Course

  1. That’s weird?
    I just had a go and it’s exactly as you said! It’s just one paragraph saying how nice pumpkin soup is with a picture, and there are loads of the same post, all different sites. I have no idea how that can happen.

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    1. lol – and the world in general.
      I am watching the US presidential debate – I can’t decide whether it is comedy or horror. It could so easily be comedy, except it’s real, they both actually want to be president, it’s so awful I have no idea why I am watching. I just want to hide under the covers and pretend it’s not real.


    1. I thought it was very odd.
      I am sure there are genuine people behind many blogs, but what I saw made me think there are also a large amount of “fake-blogs”. Is that the correct expression?


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