My Flaming Locks

I could not resist taking part in the WEEKLY PROMPTS – COLOUR CHALLENGE. It immediately made me think of my hair, which is growing longer and longer as my hair appointments are cancelled due to lockdown requirements.

My parents were surprised when I was born with bright ginger hair. Although most of the family are fair, nobody else has the distinctive colour of my locks. Even my husband says that the first thing he fell in love with was my flame red hair.

Sometimes at school I had a hard time from other children who teased me with names such as “Carrots”, “Ginga” or “Gingernut”. Fortunately I was a confident child and embraced the names I was called rather than allowing them to knock my self esteem.

In addition, I felt a special connection to some of my favourite television characters who had flaming red locks like I did. I was particularly fond of a character from Fraggle Rock named “Red”.

I was also delighted with Sesame Street’s flaming red “Elmo”. I found a video of Elmo becoming the first monster president of the USA. I am going to resist the urge to add to that last sentence.

Then there was the ultimate cartoon red head. The toon who proved having flaming red locks could be phenomenally attractive. “Jessica Rabbit” from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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