Nespresso Torta Di Nocciole

Nespresso Torta Di Nocciole

We threw in a few limited edition coffee capsules with our last Nespresso order. One of the most pleasant of surprises was the delicious Torta Di Nocciole (Hazelnut Cake), which is currently my favourite selection from our Nespresso capsule jar.

Sweet tones of vanilla and hazelnut add to the very enjoyable almost yumminess of these capsules. I loved that the description on the Nespresso capsule describes it as “like coffee and cake”. I think I rather like my coffee and cake in the same cup.

The problem with these limited edition capsules, is that by the time we have used up all our purple and orange capsules (which you may understand) the limited edition flavours we fell in love with on the last order have disappeared from the website and we need to try out another limited edition flavour.

Oh well life cannot always be coffee and cake – can it?


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