Just Another Holiday Romance?

Just Another Holiday Romance?

I would like to myself a very sensible person on the whole, but I will admit that I had an impulsive youth. For the most part I stayed out of trouble. But there was this holiday I took back in my heyday, where I met this very attractive young man.

He started it. We caught each other’s eye passing each other around the hotel dining room and pool. I was with a few friends from university. He was with his brother and a couple of other mates. We were also on the same day-trip to tour some ancient ruins. We chatted and laughed together. He very sweetly and politely asked me if I would like to have a drink with him back at the hotel.

It was only supposed to be a drink together. I was drawn to his intellect and his dry humour. He also had excellent taste in wine something not wasted on me. After a couple of glasses, he became quite the charmer and I was in the mood to be easily charmed. What can I say? I was young and wild. He was very attractive to me. I was on holiday and in the mood for some excitement. There was some kissing and some holding hands.

It ended up to his brother agreeing to sleep on the floor in the room of their two friends, allowing us to get to know each other better on our own. You can use your own imagination!

For the rest of our holiday, we spent our days together. There was more kissing and holding hands. We did not inconvenience his brother again. But we did enjoy each other’s company and affection.

It was only supposed to be a holiday romance. Back in England, he would call me once a week and we would talk for an hour. I wrote to him. I occasionally received a letter from him, but more often than not he would send me a personal gift. Then we arranged to meet up again in London. The spark we enjoyed on holiday seemed to have disappeared.

After that, our communication dwindled. During the following year, we both had had chance to go out with other people. But then out of the blue, Robert called and asked me if I was free to meet up again. I was hesitant, but I agreed. This time, we got on like a house on fire. I don’t know why things were so different this time.

But that marked the start of our courtship. We married and we have been enjoying each other’s company and affection ever since. I am still attracted as ever to his intellect and dry wit, and his impeccable taste in wine.

If ever there was a man who made a success of both foreplay and afterplay – it is dashing and delectable Robert Lewis.

Wicked Wednesday

5 thoughts on “Just Another Holiday Romance?

  1. Love stories like this always make my knees go weak… so sweet and special and beautiful! Thank you for sharing, and thank you for linking to Wicked Wednesday. I hope to see some more from you in future prompts.
    ~ Marie

    PS: Can you add the Wicked Wednesday button, or link back to the prompt post?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your lovely feedback.
      I rather enjoyed reminiscing over our courting days.
      Jenna has explained the button. I am still learning the ropes of using this publishing service.


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