Not Just Mulled Wine, M&S Mulled Wine

Not Just Mulled Wine, M&S Mulled Wine

Usually I would be making my own mulled wine and baking my own mince pies. But we are not having guests due to being in Tier 3 social distancing restrictions. So, as it is just Roberts and I (Wills has gone to stay with his parents now that university is on a break), we are putting less effort into traditional winter treats – which is not bad for our waist lines.

But Robert wandered into Marks & Spencer on his back from the chemist yesterday and picked up a packet of stolen bites and a bottle of mulled wine. I had forgotten how delicious spicy, fruity, warm red wine is after a cold damp day.

It has put me in the mood to make up some of our own homemade brew after all. Well, we may as well – there’s not a lot else we are allowed to do. But there are no restrictions on baking – within reason.

2 thoughts on “Not Just Mulled Wine, M&S Mulled Wine

    1. Yes I really ought to. To be honest, the news about us moving into Tier 4 and not seeing anyone else over the holidays has dampened our spirit somewhat.


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