My Sensational Stockings

My Sensational Stockings

When I was a teenager I discovered the joys of printed tights. My mother wanted us to dress in clothes that were not going to get us into too much trouble – quite right too mum – and although some of my schoolmates hiked their skirts up or wore tight or revealing tops, I was more swayed by my mothers sensible view on how a teenage girl should dress than I was by my friends.

But for a while, I felt like the boring one. I was not a boring kid at all. I had bags of confidence and energy, I just had a very sensible mum who wanted to keep me out of trouble. But I found something that would make me stand out and yet was not sexually provocative. Coloured tights or stockings!

You should have seen my collection. I loved my Marilyn Monroe print tights. My favourite pair for a long time were turquoise with sunflowers all over. I had rainbow tights, spotty tights, harlequin rights, kaleidoscope tights – I felt so unique compared to all of the other girls who either had bare legs or boring old sand or black tights.

It might seem daft now, but those tights were part of cultivating my own identity. I wanted to express my personality and make myself memorable without showing off my cleavage or underwear. I became famous as the girl with the crazy tights – and I loved it.

Now that I am almost as sensible as my mum was, I don’t worry too much about my clothing making a statement. But I still have a huge fondness for pattered socks – knee highs especially. I wear socks around the house and of course whenever I wear boots I will have a colourful pair of socks underneath. I have a beautiful collection. When I see eye-catching, colourful socks with unique patterns – I cannot resist them.


11 thoughts on “My Sensational Stockings

    1. I was already rather confident, but those print tights really gave me an enormous boost of pride in my identity. I could be modest and satisfy my mother and also express my personality at the same time.

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  1. Go you! I can imagine it! I liked patterned or unusual coloured tights to – my Mum and I sometimes shared. It seems like she steered you well and I’m glad you didn’t resent it at the time, so many young girls lock horns with their mothers at that stage and it’s such a waste of good companionship.

    I’ll let you into a secret – the long red socks I’m wearing for my post ARE my Mum’s!

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    1. I am sorry I missed your comment Posy!
      I think I admired my mother for being so on the pulse with everything. A clever mother who is so much smarter than anyone your own age is easy to heed.
      I love that you shared the tastes of your own mother! ❀

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  2. Life is too short for boring socks. Even men get into the act, I have Van Gogh starry nights, Hokusai The Wave, Klimt Kiss, Statue of Liberty, and Ho! Hither to the nearest micro-brewery! Like I said boring socks are just that, boring. Your Mom was wise.


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