It Can Only Get Better

It Can Only Get Better

On Thursday night, Robert and I enjoyed the cosiest quietest New Year’s Eve we have ever had. Quite right too – we are in the middle of a global pandemic after all.

After a couple of glasses of wine, we found our humour descending into chaos. Robert can be very funny with his dry commentary on the events of the past year – his impression of the Prime Minister seemed particularly hilarious last night, although it may have just been the wine colouring my perception of his impersonation.

We are both agreed that we are starting the year in a rather miserable style – Tier 4 – that means lockdown pretty much – although the neighbours still don’t seem to understand that – I wonder how many visitors they can invite to their outdoor garden parties before someone comes to tell them off or issue them a fine.

So you would have thought that as we are starting the year so dismally, things can only get better – surely. I have to admit, I have never been so doubtful about the powers that be in my life – they have been rather shown up as inadequate, not fit for purpose, monstrously pompous and yet ignorant at times. Still we have been content that they were taking some measures, measures that required universal cooperation. We feel that they should have had that cooperation, and that far too many have flagrantly ignored their authority. That’s perhaps it in a nutshell – they have lost so much respect and authority.

I expect 2021 to be a very eventful year. It has to be really. If people were not happy with the decisions the government made in the wake of am urgent emergency, they will definitely not be happy with decisions that are supposed to steer people back to some semblance of “normality”.

2020 felt like one of those rollercoasters where they hand you above a gigantic drop and then you plummet shrieking at the forces against you. But that is only the beginning of the ride. I am sure there will be all manner of twists and turns and loops ahead, and that we will feel rather nauseous as developments move along.

Buckle down – 2021 is here and I believe we are in for a rough ride ahead!

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