Bellingham Pinotage

Bellingham Pinotage

Robert and I have always agreed on a fundamental aspect of our life together and our social life with guests (pre March 2020 of course) – CHEESE AND WINE ARE A MARRIAGE MADE IN HEAVEN.

However finding the right wines to suit a cheese board is more of an ongoing quest that we both relish taking part in. Well, recently we found one wine which we have added to our cheeseboard wine list.

We picked up a Bellingham Pinotage 2018 from Tesco at the reduced price of £8 (usually £11). Although the label lists raspberry, strawberry and black cherry amongst the flavours we struggled to detect the fruity tones. It was a darker wine than we were expecting. We did pick up on oak spice – very much so. It made the perfect combination for blue cheeses.

This is not a bottle of wine we would open to enjoy on it’s own – but it is keenly complimentary to strong cheeses, especially blue cheeses. As always – to be enjoyed responsibly!

2 thoughts on “Bellingham Pinotage

    1. I am sometimes rather confused by the huge choice with wines – so I end up assigning them on the basis of which foods they go best with. This is certainly one for cheese & wine nights.


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