Barefoot Jammy Red Wine

Barefoot Jammy Red Wine

If ever there was a fun red wine, this is it. To me it was very sweet, and also light and very playful. At the price we bought it, it is the kind of wine we would put out in the garden for a summer garden party or picnic.

My first verdict was “alcoholic grape juice”, but actually this wine grew on me, and I found I was enjoying it more with each glass. I do not think it is a winter wine at all. To me it is pure summer – red fruits – especially raspberries popped out at me.

Don’t tell anyone how much I enjoyed it, but yes, this definitely has my vote for a fun summer wine. If you are invited to one of our summer garden parties, expect to see a few bottles gracing the table.

5 thoughts on “Barefoot Jammy Red Wine

    1. Naturally…I let all of sorts of waifs and strays into our garden parties! Just kidding ;D
      We do love to have parties and we are missing them. We are looking forward to knowing it is safe to have our friends over again.
      I like a full bodies dark fruity wine. When it comes to cheap wine – I would much prefer grape juice than vinegar.

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  1. One of my favourite wines is Jammy Red Roo – I think it is a Yellow Tail wine. When I was in Australia – I found it there called something like Big Jammy Red or Big Bold Red – unmistakably rich and fruity.

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