Wills In The Kitchen

Wills In The Kitchen

Last week, Robert and I enjoyed being treated to breakfast to my nephew Wills. He made us vegan pancakes topped with banana and maple syrup.

I know that the official Pancake Day is on Tuesday, but all three of us are going to be out of the house today – very rare during Lockdown. Robert has to go into the office. I am taking a relative for her covid-jab. Wills also has an appointment.

So at the weekend, we enjoyed a swish three course meal together – soup starter, casserole main, followed by a sticky toffee and date sandwich cake. More foodie posts in the pipeline! Then we watched a film together – the three of us – although halfway through Wills made an exit when his phone rang and he never returned for the end of the film.

What makes me laugh is that Wills made more mess making pancakes than I did making a three course meal. I cannot complain because he helped me to clean the kitchen on Sunday morning.


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