Robert Did Rather Well

Robert Did Rather Well

I don’t expect Robert to observe silly pagan holidays after all our years together. Yet, something compelled him to indulge in some online shopping. He produced a box of Fortnum and Mason chocolates at the weekend. I was poorly prepared in comparison.

Well, not entirely. On Sunday, Robert a cooked breakfast and a couple of books I had ordered for him. He had mentioned them already, and I tool it as a hint that I could make a gift out of them. Yet this time round, it is Robert who has splashed out on me. We don’t do cards anymore. But we did enjoy the morning locked away in our bedroom together. leaving Wills to make his own lunch.

Then on Sunday afternoon, Wills and Robert went for a walk and I cooked a duck dish – and nailed it. I was concentrating so much I forgot to take photographs for my blog. Oh well, I don’t want to become one of those obsessive people who take photos of everything just to post on social media.

We opened the chocolates last night and we all had one each. After dinner, I don’t think any of us wanted more than one. Perhaps we will do that every evening over the next week or so.

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