Welcome Back!

This morning Robert is making his way to Terminal 5 to pick up a friend arriving from abroad. He does not have to quarantine because he has been away working as a government contractor, but he has been taking regular covid-tests, all of which have been negative.

I am relieved he is (nearly) back. There was some tension in a town nearby to where he has been working, and it not only unnerved him, it unnerved us. We have been checking news websites and speaking to him on the phone, and trying not to become too anxious. I have even prayed for his safe return.

Now at last, he is up in the air and on the way back. I believe that by now his plane will probably be somewhere over the North of Italy or the South of France…perhaps my idea of flight paths is a little vague. But I am just so glad that he is almost back here.

Today is going to be kleftiko day.

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