Grant Burge Shiraz

Grant Burge Shiraz

If ever there was a bottle of wine that split opinion in our household it was probably this one. I think I stand as the main advocate for this South Australian red wine – I will not tell you what Robert said about it.

When I checked the label, I began to understand why it may have offended Robert’s palate. It mentioned a word that makes him recoil “liquorice”. Whereas I like liquorice, Robert most certainly does not. However, I did not detect that flavour at all when I sampled this wine. I was a little confused when I first drank it. I detected a strange concoction of mildly plummy fruits with what seemed to me like white pepper. The description on the bottle mentions plums, vanilla and liquorice.

I do think this is a bottle that is unlikely to grace our wine cellar again. However, I found it perfectly enjoyable as a red wine to accompany an aubergine and tomato dish I had made. There is something a little sharp about this red wine. I never expect a sharp note when vanilla is cited. With a rich meal, I think this wine would sit very comfortable. But I don’t think we would enjoy it standing on it’s own merit. That slight sharpness would slice through a rich dish though. I am going to keep a note of it because melanzane and similar dishes are very rich and I think it is useful to pick a wine that provide a little relief from intense tomato.

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