The Challenge Of Rhubarb

The Challenge Of Rhubarb

I made a rhubarb tart at the weekend for our garden guests. I picked the recipe out of the Waitrose magazine (big fan of their recipes) and most of it was great. Puff pastry casing, filling of mascarpone, double cream, icing sugar and whisky – very nice. The only issue was the rhubarb. I did exactly what the recipe said. But the rhubarb was still not right.

I love the taste and the scent of rhubarb. but it is so difficult to get just right. I have photographed my rhubarb tart and will eventually publish a post about it, but I was so disappointed. Oh well – whisky cream tart with spiced orange syrup rhubarb was all gone in one evening. My guests seemed to love what they were eating. Maybe it is just me. I felt as if I had pink pieces of celery on top of the tart. It was so stringy and too al dente. I did not think the rhubarb was sweet enough either.

I wish I could crach the challenge of rhubarb.

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