Birra Moretti

Birra Moretti

Robert and I enjoy wine more than any other form of alcohol. We normally avoid any kind of alcoholic drinks until the weekend when we like to have a glass of wine with a meal or just on it’s own while we curl up on our sofa and relax. We always offer my nephew Wills a glass of wine, but he often declines. He prefers beer.

Because Wills prefers beer, I decided to add some bottles to our Ocado delivery. Only it seems I made the wrong selection. After a discussion, I now know he likes Corona or San Miguel varieties. I know little of beer, but I thought I would try a bottle of the beer I bought for him – Birra Moretti.

Well, I thought it was a lovely colour for a start – a golden blonde beer that had a pleasant aroma. I was also charmed with the taste. What often puts me off beer is that rusk like hop flavouring, the deeper and earthier the more foul as respects my palate’s sensitivities.

Birra Moretti was a lot more pleasant than any other beer I have tried in years. It was not sweet, but neither was it bitter. It was mellow, yet had enough of a crisp edge to make it refreshing. I had some with a warm lunch on a freezing cold day, when Robert and I both kept on turning the central heating up because the outside temperature seemed to be penetrating into our home. It made me a little sleepy and after lunch I gave in to the urge to nap.

Would I try it again? Yes. Will I buy it again? Well, I only bought it for my nephew, so I probably not. But if I ever do convert to drinking beer, I know just where to start now.

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