Spring Walks

Spring Walks

We have always loved walking, and during the Pandemic, I am sure our long rambles across the Common and over to Richmond Park have been the salvation of our mental health.

But Spring is an especially joyous time to walk. Every day there are new discoveries to be made. From day to day, the changes as leaves push forth and the canopy thickens. The addition of flora and more activity from animals and song from birds makes Spring feel like an exciting celebration.

What a lovely area we live in.


2 thoughts on “Spring Walks

    1. I missed your comment last weekend Hugh. We should make a plan. We are hosting little gatherings in our garden. Our weekends are all booked up, but if the two of you are free one evening midweek, I am sure Wills would be pleased if we had you two over. We are all looking forward to meeting Zoe.


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