What A Difference A Day Makes

What A Difference A Day Makes

Since the 29th of March we have had more guests in our garden than we have in the previous six months. At first it seemed odd to have everyone outside in the very chilly air. But we have an outdoor heater and a firepit, and cushions and fleece blankets on chairs. All of our guests have dressed sensibly.

It is a very welcome change though. Just having a few friend over each evening (well not every single evening, but I think we have managed four nights out of seven for the past few weeks) is wonderful.

The only issue is what to serve when everyone is eating outside. At first we were just offering wine and nibbles. But now we realize our friends need something warm in their tummies. So we have made large pots of chilli or spicy stews, which we have been serving with baked potatoes or crusty bread (rice goes cold so quickly).

It will get easier in the summer months. It is just so wonderful to be able to have guests at Casa De Lewis once again!

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