Home Range Cabernet Sauvignon

Home Range Cabernet Sauvignon

I took this photograph at the home of a friend and it makes me laugh to see the reflection of her polka dot dish in the background.

Have you ever made the mistake of brushing your teeth with minty toothpaste before going out to a dinner party? Of course as soon as you arrive you host wants to supply a large wine glass to you and you realize how silly you were to dull al your taste buds with fresh mint fluoride.

My first few sips of this wine felt just like that. My mouth was confused with the combination of wine and mint. Yet this wine makes no apologies – it packs a minty punch! On it’s own I would find that rather unpleasant, but Robert suggested we finish off the bottle with a sundried tomato dish I make. Tomatoes and minty red wine turn out to be a match made in heaven.

Therefore I am officially nominating this bottle of Californian red wine as a summer wine – perfect for simple but rich tomato pasta dishes. So long as the pasta dish you are eating is not too busy with other flavours, the tomatoes go perfectly with the unmistakable mint ambience to this wine. I think it would work well with herbs like parsley and oregano too. But think carefully about what you are having for dinner, because it will need to blend well with the pungent mint kick in this glass of beautifully ruby coloured wine.

3 thoughts on “Home Range Cabernet Sauvignon

  1. I always put mint in sangria without thinking about it. I find it refreshing in the heat. But you have to pick the right red. I would not normally think of a cabernet sauvignon with mint.


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