Tesco Finest Saint Chinian

Tesco Finest Saint Chinian

I was not sure if I should mention that this bottle came from Tesco, but whatever your perceptions of budget supermarkets are, prepare to abandon them. I have so much praise for this bottle of wine. I was surprised, very surprised at how joyously fruity it was.

After sniffing and tasting and loving this wine I made the mistake of reading the label on the back of the bottle. I asked my husband Robert to double check which wine I was drinking. The label cited spicy and smoky elements in this wine. Honestly, unless my nose is failing me, they were almost undetectable. But the great waft of delicious dark fruits was unmistakable. In fact I would have been content to just breathe in the aroma of this wine for most of the evening. It was only the cork from the bottle that was smoky. The wine itself was entirely pleasant and a true celebration of fruit that made my tongue rejoice.

We will definitely be trying this one again. I have no criticism – it’s a delight to find a relatively inexpensive wine that is notably delicious.

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