Santa Julia Malbec

Santa Julia Malbec

The first sniff followed by a sip of this full bodied red wine – my first thoughts were blackcurrant. I thought there was a big punch of blackcurrant in fact. But I may have been mistaken, because when I tried my second glass, the blackcurrant was absent, and this time it was a distinctly cherry flavour I picked up.

Therefore I am not sure where I stand with this wine anymore. It was definitely a success at the dinner table, no doubt about that. But all my enthusiasm over the punchy blackcurrant dwindled. The cherry I picked up second time around was great, and I found that this a confidant classy wine, enjoyable to drink. It would sit very comfortably with a lot of the dishes I make. But that first glass I had – with that big punchy fruit flavour made me think it was more of a wine we would enjoy alone, absent of a meal.

So yes – although I am very pleased with this wine, I think we need to open another bottle to decide if that big hit of blackcurrant is really there.


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