Why You Will Be Seeing Less Of My Posts

Why You Will Be Seeing Less Of My Posts

I will acknowledge, blogging is much more fun than I would ever have imagined. It has been a very enjoyable pastime during lockdowns. However, I can see that very soon I will not be allowed to upload any more photographs. My more experienced blogging friends tell me there are ways around this. But in all truth, I thought this could be a natural point for me to cut back a little on how many posts I publish.

I would like my food, drink and music posts to continue for as long as they can. I have posts scheduled right up until the end of this year already. But for some reason, I feel the need to add to that idle chitter chatter midweek. I don’t need to waste your time and mine on silliness. So unless I have something important I want to write about, I have decided to drop the mid week posts. So….it will be Song Lyric Sunday, and food and drink posts from now on. I think three posts a week is plenty – don’t you?


6 thoughts on “Why You Will Be Seeing Less Of My Posts

    1. I just took a look at this post on my site and I noticed the creepy multiple faces again in my side menu. Four blogs with the same photo – all with pithy proverbs as their tagline.
      Two blogs with another identical face. It is so odd. Perhaps it’s a case of identical quadruplets and twins?


  1. I enjoy blogging and I always seem to find something to blog about, so I write every day. I have a paid membership and my media library says that I am currently using 635.0 MB out of 13.0 GB upload limit which means that I have reached 5% of my allotted capacity.


    1. I have looked at the plans Jim. At the moment my site is all free, and I am reluctant to change that simply because this has been mostly pure hobby and also a way to make sure friends of mine who were already blogging were being sensible.


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