There is one soft drink we always stock up on during the summer time because our guests seem to love it – Appletiser!

This South African soft drink is popular internationally. I only recently discovered that I was not mistaken, it really was called Appletise in the UK throughout my youth. Apparently UK brand Tizer had an issue with Appletiser. But I understand that around twenty years ago a compromise between the two manufacturers was reached, so now the UK like the rest of the world know it as Appletiser.

If you visit Casa de Lewis any summer, you are sure to find a bottle of Appletiser chilling in the fridge, as well as around twelve bottles in the store room.

There is such a massive punch of apple in this sparkling beverage. For my own personal tastes, it perhaps just a little too sweet, I normally dilute it slightly with some soda or lemonade. But I have always found that our guests guzzle it. Whatever we serve, Appletiser has consistently been the most popular soft drink. The manufacturers did something very right when they produced this perfect punch of sparking apple nectar!

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