Raso De La Cruz Blanco

Raso De La Cruz Blanco

After a longer winter of red wines and cream liqueurs it is always exciting to welcome on summer weather with a bottle of white. But what do we want from a white wine at the start of the hot weather? How about crisp, fresh, citrus zing, sparkling….we found all this and more in this humble reduced to £5 for the weekend Marks and Spencer’s Spanish white wine.

There was apple, there was lime and other fruit – perhaps peach or apricot. The combination of fresh fruits was very pleasing.. It was refreshing and mild. It was delightful for one of first white wine lunches and we were more than happy with it’s performance accompanying salads and garlic heavy dips. It does not make enough of a statement for an evening meal dinner, but for a light lunch, it is a very charming wine.

We would be happy to have it in warmer weather with light garden lunches. The price tag makes it an absolute steal!

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