Beamquake Graf Apple Beer

Beamquake Graf Apple Beer

I am not sure of the significance of the word “graf” with regards to this tipple, I was content with apple and beer. I am not a regular beer drinker, when I see something new in the basement, where we keep the wine cellar, I like to try it for the sake of my blog.

I love apple flavouring. So the mention of apples was enough to tempt me to give this one a try. The flavour of apples was just about there, but in all honesty I felt I was drinking a more floral beer than anything – which was not unpleasant. I imagine “floral beer” would sell less bottles than “apple beer”.

This beer suited my palate and I found it more enjoyable than most beers I have tried, but I can imagine that some beer drinkers would not enjoy such a bouquet of sweet flavours with their beer as much as I did. I don’t want to put you off. I thought it was delicious, but whether you will like such a sweet beer is up to you to decide!

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