Savyll Non-Alcoholic Paloma Tequila

Savyll Non-Alcoholic Paloma Tequila

I am one of those perhaps unfortunate souls who does not have a particularly sweet tooth. If I have something sweet, it has to have a balance of salt or sour to balance it out. Some cocktails are too sugary sweet for me. But in a category designed just to please the taste-buds of Lady Leis is the Paloma.

So imagine my delight when I discovered that Savyll’s alcohol free cocktail range includes a Paloma. I love a traditional tequila based Paloma, but in the heat of the summer, and with the desire to ensure our guests are responsible about their behaviour while the covid virus is still making many nervous, we have just been thrilled by the selection from Savyll.

I sincerely recommend you try one of their tasting packs to discover the wonders of high quality alcohol free cocktails:

I also read about “La Paloma” (English translation “The Dove”) a famous Mexican folk song that it is believed inspired this incredible cocktail. Here you can listen to a traditional recording or feast your eyes on a André Rieu performance below. If these don’t get you in the mood for an alcohol dress fiesta I have no idea what will!

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