M&S Spiced Apple Infusion Teabags

M&S Spiced Apple Infusion Teabags

Autumn to me is the season of apples. I love baking with apples, which for me marry beautifully with cinnamon. I noticed on a jaunt to Marks & Spencer that they have their own brand of Spiced Apple Infusion Teabags. I was surprised to find cinnamon absent from the ingredients.

Instead, cardamon, cassia bark ginger root, liquorice root, and rosehips work along with the ingredient I always fear – hibiscus. Many a fruity tea I have tried but once and never again because of the overbearing taste of hibiscus. But in these spiced apple concoctions, the hibiscus was more subtle – phew!

These will certainly warm my cockles during the cold months ahead.

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