19 Crimes Red Wine

19 Crimes Red Wine

I am always rather anxious about a wine that describes itself simply as “red”. We occasionally send our nephew off to the supermarket with my credit card and ask him to pick up a selection of wines. We leave it to him to choose. We never do know what he will come back in. It’s become rather fun. But one thing I have noticed about Wills is that he chooses the bottles with the best marketing. Kudos to those wine companies.

Sometimes, we open a bottle of wine with a snazzy label and we are rather dismayed at the contents. However, 19 Crimes Red Wine was not a disappointment at all. We enjoyed it rather more than we were expecting. Bold and spicy is my summation.

In my curiosity over what exactly I was drinking I searched out the 19 Crimes website, which told me absolutely nothing about the grapes used in this blend. Nope – it was all marketing – it explained the link to convicts who became colonists in Australia and had a bold, defiant and uncompromising character. There were even a couple of wines on their site with Snoop Dog on the front – not sure of his link with Australia. But then the website had a USA address. So I am still rather clueless as to which grapes were used in this red.

However. I will quibble not – this “red” wine was enjoyable – bold and spicy and moreish. I can’t tell you anything else but that.

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