One Year Anniversary For Lady Lewis!

One Year Anniversary For Lady Lewis!

Yesterday I was notified by WordPress that I have been busy producing posts for an entire year. That is quite a marker.

I have changed my site during the course of the past year – selecting a theme and colour scheme I find pleasant and organized, and creating menus to display and make it easier to navigate the food, drinks and the music I feature for Jim’s Song Lyric Sunday that are the main feature of our dinner parties and family suppers.

A few months ago I decided to remove over a hundred of my posts, which were just chit chat and personal tittle tattle. I prefer to know my site is just a hobby that relates to the things we enjoy, more than a social commentary. I have no wish to be dishing out my opinions on politics or news events on this platform. In addition, I felt perhaps I had been a little less cautious than I should have been. If I had any doubt over the security aspect, when another WordPress user identified me in our locality, it sealed it in my mind that I ought not to be so free and easy when it comes to the public domain. Although, we have made a friend of the blogger who recognised me and he turns out to be a jolly nice chap.

Still…Lady Lewis is going to be a place for food, drink and music above all. I have been enjoying putting these posts together very much. As I have run out of space for photographs, I have been editing some of my older posts and removing some of the photos to free up more space, so that I can create new recipe posts. I have plenty more posts scheduled, weeks into 2022 are already lined up for you.

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