Fentimans Curiosity Cola

Fentimans Curiosity Cola

My nephew, Wills asked me why I buy such strange cold drinks. I asked him what on earth he meant. He voiced his view that perhaps my taste-buds favoured unusual flavour combinations instead of regular soft drinks. I assured him that the main motivation in my choice of which soft drinks to purchase is simply – do they come in a glass bottle? I have been avoiding buying any plastic bottles for years. I sometimes find myself annoyed when Ocado swap the olive oil in a glass bottle I ordered for a plastic bottle, but I cannot go through life being picky with other people. I am just going to make my own choices and stick with them.

I fell in love with Fentimans when I discovered they used glass bottles for their interesting range of soft drinks. Wills is right. Their cola does not taste at all like regular Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Apparently, the botanical brewing process Fentimans use conjures up cola of yesteryear. When exactly yesteryear was I am not so sure, but apparently their modern day Curiosity Cola is much more like the original traditional colas.

One of the key ingredients which I found magical on my tongue is cinnamon. I don’t think I would ever enjoy a glass of modern day cola after discovering Fentimans delightful brew.

Of course the only reason why I wanted to buy cola in the first places was to mix it with whisky or with rum!

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