Domaine Viret Energie

Domaine Viret Energie

I was slightly perplexed by my first glass of this wine. I was sure I was tasting too much cork at first. My second glass was more enjoyable, but there is no mistaking that there is a certain mystique within this bottle. I read that Philippe Viret normally produces two types of Energie wine but in 2019 he concentrated his efforts into producing just one wine.

It was described as 100% Syrah (which I believe is Shiraz, but Shiraz has that slightly “Essex” connotation doesn’t it? Am I allowed to say that?!) Personally. I did not find this wine fruity at all. It was peppery, perhaps leathery, with a little sharpness on the backburner, perhaps mint, perhaps aniseed. I found it hard to define because every mouthful was different. This is not a wine for someone with a sweet tooth.

Most intriguing was the extra information we found about Philippe Viret’s principles. Not only is this wine sulfite free and vegan, but it is “beyond organic”. Here is part of the information that was included about this wine on the GOOD WINE ONLINE website.

“…produced under his trademarked system of “Cosmoculture” which is a blend of organic and biodynamic principles with ancient beliefs about nature derived from as far afield as the Aboriginees and the Native American Indians. This is further coupled with telluric energy as Alain, Philippe’s father, built the winery on an ancient Roman site around an underground spring which they believe energises the vineyards and the winery. They have obelisks dotted around the vineyards to suck down energy from the stars too!”


Yes…not just a glass of wine…an entire philosophy! I personally prefer my red wine a little more fruity. even jammy. But I am glad we found a red wine for occasions we don’t want something too sweet.

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