Chiswick Tea Co. Camomile Flowers

Chiswick Tea Co. Camomile Flowers

Camomile tea! Calming, fragrant, refreshing and such a pleasure to drink all year round. During the anxious moments the Pandemic brought along, I have definitely increased my camomile tea intake!

I have bought chamomile teabags over the years, but now I have discovered Chiswick Tea Company’s pyramids full of their camomile flowers, I feel I am unlikely to be content with any of the regular camomile teabags I used to enjoy.

We had a slight accident with a glass tea pot (with infuser) some time ago, and since I am the one who enjoys loose tea, I have been content with teabags rather than forking out to replace my loose tea equipment. But these pyramids of chamomile flowers are ideal for me.

Drinking the golden nectar like tea produced by infusing camomile flowers into hot water – it is nothing less than camomile tea perfection. One day I will treat myself to new tea infusing equipment (mo, Robert that is not a hint that I want you to gift me with a teapot – you know I have my eye set on a new handbag!)

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