Barossa Ink Shiraz

Barossa Ink Shiraz

I have been postponing my review of this wine, and I don’t know why because I enjoyed it so much. Three of us shared a bottle and we all enjoyed it.

Lots of rich fruit, something deliciously dark pulling it back from being too sweet. When we first opened the bottle I could not get over the luscious wave of fruit aroma. But the taste on the tongue was a little battle between flavours which delighted me. The fruity smack is subdued against that mysterious darker element – it could be coffee, it could be chocolate, but it is bold and it holds its own against the fruit.

I don’t know what else to say except that this is one of my personal favourite supermarket bottles of wine this year. Australia has a way of asserting itself as a top class wine region and with this little inexpensive unassuming gem it has surprised me.

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