Fortnum & Mason Assam Superb Tea

Fortnum & Mason Assam Superb Tea

If you were to ask me my favourite tea – I would not hesitate to tell you that I love Assam tea, above an beyond any other tea. Not that I always want to drink the strong flavour of tea that Assam provides.

But when I am in the mood for a robust stern brew, Assam is always my choice. I particularly enjoy Fortnum & Mason’s loose-leaf Assam and their handy tea bags (because on a rainy day, I prefer hot steaming tea as soon as possible and don’t want to hang around waiting for the loose-leaf to infuse). Often in bad weather, I want that lively strong tea flavour to perk me up.

But for me, Assam does need that dash of milk to take the hard edge off it. Aaah! Perfect. You will find me curled up in my armchair reading a novel and reviving myself with a cup of Assam.

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