Distant Planets Moving

Distant Planets Moving

Jim has chosen a galactic theme for today’s Song Lyric Sunday. It took me rather a long time to settle on a song to feature. I came across a song I have never ever heard before, and I rather liked it.

The artist is David Gray, who is not really on my radar, and the track is called “Only The Lonely” and it is nothing like the classic Roy Orbison track. I found the words very poignant….but it’s his voice that adds an astonishing earnestness to these verses.

I do wish I had to more to tell you about the story behind this song. The truth is I could not find any articles about it. That seems an injustice, for this song is the sort that ought to have a deeply provocative story behind it, don’t you think?

Credits: David Gray

I'm raising up my voice
To the walls and to the sky
It seeks no explanation
It waits for no reply
Really it is nothing
Just a cry to the wilds

I'm delirious with chaos
I'm wonderstruck with awe
In my soul I'm dreaming only
Of your velvet shore
When I'm walking there my face
Untangles like a child

And only the lonely
Only the lonely
Lonely could know me

I've been talking all night long
There's nothing more to say
So I'm searching every mirror
For a trace of yesterday
But the air it holds no traces
Where the eagles were flying

I'm haunted by the skyline
The concrete and the rain
The window speaks of winter
So I'll set my heart again
Somewhere in the dust
A curlew is crying

And only the lonely
Only the lonely
Lonely could know me
I'm talking all night long
Talking all night

There's a copper moon that's buried
Where solitude expands
And distant planets moving
They're weighing on my hands
They're darkening my pages

And there's daylight in my fingers
But it's snowing in my bones
Been sucking on the echo
Of a thousand telephones
And when we meet again
We will be strangers

And only the lonely
Only the lonely
Lonely could know me
And only the lonely
Only the lonely
Lonely could know me

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