Pukka Organic Chamomile, Vanilla And Manuka Honey

Pukka Organic Chamomile, Vanilla And Manuka Honey

We now have a tea box with a wide variety of Pukka Teabags. A while ago some friends and I came up with the idea of sharing our Pukka Teabags (as well as other brands). I love it. It seems a little wasteful to buy a box of twenty-five teabags not sure if we will remain keen on any particular flavour. I much prefer keeping a variety and being able to offer a selection for guests to choose from.

But during the winter months I found myself opting for this teabag a lot. So I ended up going out and buying myself a box of twenty-five individually wrapped teabags after all, and it did not take me long to finish them. There is a lot of sweetness in this brew, due to the honey and vanilla elements. Normally this would be a little too sweet for me, but this winter, I found myself in need of the comforting sweetness.

I do like Pukka’s colourful boxes. I have been preferring to have more natural brews of late – fresh mint leaves, chopped ginger, slices of lemon – but when I came in from the cold and wanted something quick, well, this has been my choice throughout the winter months.


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