Bardsley Pear And Plum Juice

Bardsley Pear And Plum Juice

This year we bought a lot of Bardsley fruit juices – mainly for our guests. We enjoyed having lots of garden parties during late summer, after social distancing restrictions were lifted. (We still avoided having guests dine indoors until the weather turned too cold for it to be any fun for anyone.)

Please do visit the fantastic Bardsley website to see their full range of products:

When I picked this bottle pf pear and plum juice up, I thought it looked more like the tomato juice we buy for Robert to whisk up a Bloody Mary with. I don’t have a sweet tooth, so I was a little cautious about this fruit blend because I always think of pears and plums as insufferably sweet – but I was pleasantly surprised to find this was not overly sweet at all. There was a little tartness but it was refreshing and very more-ish. Of all the Bardsley juices we served up, I noticed this one seemed to disappear most quickly.

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