Mockingbird Raw Press Raw Greens Virgin Smoothie

Mockingbird Raw Press Raw Greens Virgin Smoothie

At the start of this year I like many others set about thinking of how to make our lifestyle and diet a touch healthier. I like to think we do lead a healthy life. But that extra motivation makes me start buying more greens, cutting out wine going for longer walks, stretching every morning.

About a week into January the temperature dropped and I decided it was best not to go overboard with the healthy changes. It was too cold for any extremes.

That’s when a bottle of green goo jumped off the shelf into my shopping basket. Words like “raw greens” and “cold-pressed” and “virgin”…they all sound rather wholesome don’t they! The bottle mentioned kale, spinach and broccoli.

However, this smoothie was unmistakably sweet, just a little too sweet for my taste, although the label assured me that there are no added sugars, but only those naturally occurring from the fruit. But a closer look at the ingredients confirmed that over half of the content of this smoothie is made up of apple. I think that is probably similar with most other green smoothies. Additionally, pear, banana and kiwi fruit were listed. Lots of delicious ingredients.

I don’t know whether I was imagining it, but after drinking a glass of Mockingbird Raw Greens, I felt much brighter and chirpier. I would love to believe that is topping up on all my vitamins, but it may also be that natural sugar boost.

I enjoyed Mockingbird Raw Greens, but I have been inspired to create my own perfect green smoothie with our Nutri-Bullet, and produce just a slightly less sweet version. That would also save me from buying green smoothie in a plastic bottle.

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