St Austell Brewery Tribute Pale Ale

St Austell Brewery Tribute Pale Ale

I am always aware that the BEERS & CIDERS listing on my DRINKS MENU is so much shorter than the other selections. So occasionally, in the name of diversity, I try some beer.

The intensity of the taste of hops effects whether I will be able to finish a glass of beer. Too “hoppy” and I feel full very quickly. So I am always going to prefer a lighter beer. I found St Austell Tribute Pale Ale rather tasty and light enough for me. It was not a feather-weight though. There was definitely more depth than I was expecting.

The highlight for me was the currents of zesty orange. I found the combination of orange zest and ale surprisingly pleasant and interesting. I would have never guessed by the purple label that the orange flavour would be so discernible and leave such an enjoyable aftertaste.

Orange zest can be a summertime flavour, and it can also be a festive flavour, so I think it is worth stocking up on this all year round winner.

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