The Berry Company Blueberry Juice With Baobab And Grape

The Berry Company Blueberry Juice With Baobab And Grape

One day while placing our online shopping order, I decided to add some new juice selections to our cart, simply so that I could taste them and write an authoritative post to report to you how they suited my own personal palate. Why I feel this inclination to become a home-made reviewer/critic of beverages, I have no explanation for. Nonetheless, I rather enjoy it!

I was rather dubious about this one. I have never been keen on the blueberry products you can buy in high street fast-food chains. That odd synthetic pungent flavour is not one I enjoy. But blueberries in home baking seem less overpowering. One evening I had served a pudding with blueberries, and I decided to give this juice a trial around the dinner-table. What a sensation it turned out to be. The blueberry flavour is neither lacklustre or dominating. It seemed a perfect balance between the other fruits.

It would be wrong of me to obscure the fact I had no idea what a baobab was. When I googled it, the first information that popped up on my screen claimed that this fruit is full of minerals, helpful for balancing blood sugar and also promotes a feeling of fullness. It seems acclaimed as a “super-fruit”. Apparently it is also known as “monkey bread” or “monkey tamarind”.

Of course my interest is mostly the pleasure factor – and I can confirm that one and all enjoyed this beverage and Robert suggested we should buy it again. The Berry Company have a website which displays other juices which certainly tempted my taste-buds:

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