Rekorderlig Stawberry-Lime Cider

Rekorderlig Stawberry-Lime Cider

Over the summer, we had a lot of guests. Our guests tend to bring a bottle or two. Sometimes what they bring will be consumed, sometimes they will opt for the beverages we have supplied and their contributions will be left over. Usually it is wine that our friends bring. But over the past few months, we saw plenty of fancy gin, beer and a wide variety of fruity ciders enter our home.

I tried a bottle of Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime Cider because I had been very impressed by one of the Rekorderlig Botanicals Ciders. On this occasion, I was not quite as impressed. The strawberry flavour was intense. If you like synthetic strawberry flavourings, you may like this. I found it sickly sweet, and I forgot completely I was drinking cider at all. It was just like a fizzy strawberry beverage. I did not detect any lime flavouring at all. There is a reason I am sure why strawberry soda has not caught on in the UK. I just did not get on with it at all.

The colour is very appealing though. If you do enjoy strawberry flavouring, then I am sure this is the cider for you. I am very curious about some of the other ciders in the Rekorderlig range though, so I will look out for more of their products.

4 thoughts on “Rekorderlig Stawberry-Lime Cider

    1. Yes Dear, you may have noticed I try to be a little more delicate about beverages that don’t suit my palate. I do agree with you of course.


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