Welcome To Wimbledon

Welcome To Wimbledon

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that a new page has appeared in my menu. I have felt a growing excitement about this year’s 2022 Wimbledon Championships, and I have decided to share the spirit of one of the most enjoyable sporting events of the year and all the fun it brings to our Village. If you click the Wimbledon icon in my side menu (or the one below) it will take you to my very own Wimbledon page with a directory of the posts I have scheduled for the next two weeks.

On Monday, the action begins! We are just a seven minute walk away from the famous club, so at the weekend I wandered past to see how things are shaping up. Sure enough, the stalls are all set up to sell strawberries and cream, and I saw they have been working hard to prepare to make the grounds ready for the crowds.

As it was around 7am (yes, I am an early morning walker) there were not many people around, so I took a few photos while it was quiet.

We are all looking forward to two weeks of quintessential summer – tennis, Pimms, strawberries, and we just hope the weather is kind. Who wins the trophies is not at all the highlight for us, it is the atmosphere that the event brings to the village. Two weeks of excitement and fun.

It was hard to take clear photos from the pavement (the security guards were very friendly, but I did not want to bother them with any foolish requests to let me wander around and take photos for my WordPress site!)…but Centre Court and Court Number One are always exciting to see.

There are lots of smaller courts of course, and all the way around the premises are plenty of spots to buy something to eat.

When the weather is scorching (which must be tough for the tennis players) we find we have very little appetite, but of course by the time it is evening, we are ready to pop into the village and have a drink with friends (while looking out for tennis players who do float around the village during the tournament enjoying the celebratory feel of the fortnight).

Many of the Wimbledon Village shops and business enter into the spirit of things and adorn themselves with tennis decorations. I thought you may like to see some photos of Wimbledon Village when it is all dolled up to welcome tennis enthusiasts. So…for the next two weeks, I will be publishing photos. In addition, I will be sharing the links to some of the fabulous videos from the Wimbledon Championships YouTube channel – which capture so much of the fun that we all enjoy.

If you love summer…if you love tennis…if you love a party – then the next two weeks of Wimbledon Tennis Championships are going to be just your cup of tea!

9 thoughts on “Welcome To Wimbledon

  1. Hi Annette, it has to be said I have to be honest. I am that person who does like tennis….yaboosucks! I am English, originally a girl from Ealing/ Brentford . My mum and all my brother’s and sistersove it, even my children and probably grandchildren love it but not me!
    That said I shall be dropping in 💜💜💜


    1. There is something very exciting about the atmosphere that comes with the deluge of visitors – all of whom just want to enjoy all the perks of summer. I am not sure how interested we would be in tennis generally, but because it is on our doorstep, we find it so enjoyable.


    1. It is fun. We have always tended to throw several garden parties during Wimbledon, so it has always been a chance to see lots of friends and enjoy the tennis. It is two weeks I always look forward to.


    1. She did super well in her first match, shame about today. But she has so much ahead of her. I do hope she stays and enjoys the partying in Wimbledon.


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