Pimm’s Trifles

Pimm’s Trifles

Every summer, we have been making Pimm’s punch and Pimm’s trifle for as long as I can remember. But I do adore the idea of these little individual trifles, which can be served in small glasses or empty jars. When I made this batch of trifle, we had to cater for young children, so I used plastic tumblers.

The original recipe I used on this occasion was one featured by Waitrose, but I tweaked it to make it suitable for one of the guests who is not very good with dairy – and of course generally speaking trifle is a no-go for someone who cannot digest dairy. The lactose free milk and dairy free cream were great alternatives. However, although this version of Pimm’s trifle was a hit, it did not look quite the work of art I am used to producing for guests without dietary restrictions. Still…the important thing was everyone enjoying their pudding – and they did!


4 gelatine leaves
250ml apple juice or lemonade
1 tbsp sugar
150ml Pimm’s
½ x 25g pack fresh mint, chopped
200g strawberries, chopped

2 level tbsp caster sugar
500ml milk
2 heaped tbsp custard powder

dairy free squirty whipped cream
6 thin slices cucumber
fresh mint leaves


First, make the Pimm’s jelly. Place the gelatine sheets into a small bowl and cover with cool water. Allow to soften completely, around 5 minutes.

Heat the apple juice in a saucepan with the sugar until steaming, but don’t allow it to boil. Remove from the heat and stir in the softened gelatine, one sheet at a time. Mix in the Pimm’s and chopped mint.

Divide strawberries between the glasses or jam jars and pour over the jelly mixture, then place into the fridge to set for at least two hours. If you’re stretched for time, freeze the jellies for thirty minutes instead. I was not stretched for time at all, so I let them set overnight.

Once the jellies are set you can make the custard. I tweaked the original Martha Collins recipe, because I find it easier to make the kid of slightly firmer set custard a trifle needs with Bird’s custard powder. As I was using lacto free milk for a relative who is not able to digest dairy products, the custard powder seemed like the most reliable method. But it does result in a very very yellow layer of custard.

Make up the custard following the packet instructions – only remember to use less milk to achieve a thicker set. Whisk the custard until it is thick and creamy, then pour into a bowl, cover with clingfilm and chill until cool. Once the custard is cool, divide it between the glasses/jars on top of the set jellies.

Finding dairy free whipped cream in a squirty can in the local supermarket was quite a surprise. I used it as the top layer in these pretty trifles. Each trifle is garnished with a piece of cucumber and a mint leaf.

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4 thoughts on “Pimm’s Trifles

  1. This, I must try. Probably give it a Tooty the Chef twist though. Good way of using the unused Pimms in m larder. Think I’ll wait for a Summery day though – assuming such things exist in England, of course.


    1. On the whole we have a pleasant summer, but every time the clouds and rain pour in we whine forgetting that is why everything is so gloriously green and lush. Occasionally we have a heat-wave when temperatures top 30 degrees Celsius – but it is quite a humid sticky heat – and people start showing unseemly parts of themselves.

      I made a very simple version of the Pimm’s trifle on this occasion because we were catering for a lactose intolerant. I did not do the original recipe justice – but it was still such a pleasant pudding – even with dairy free squirty cream.

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