The Fun Begins As Church Road Celebrates Wimbledon

The Fun Begins As Church Road Celebrates Wimbledon

As promised…I will be sharing photographs from Wimbledon Village with you during the next two weeks, as the local businesses adorn themselves in summertime and tennis regalia and make the Village look fantastic.

One of the most famous post codes in London is SW19…and of course, that post code knows it’s fame due to it being at the heart of the tennis world for over a century. The All England Lawn Tennis And Croquet Club, with the iconic Centre Court is on Church Road, Wimbledon, SW19 5AE. For two weeks of the summer it hosts the world renowned Wimbledon Tennis Championships – and we have a fantastic time here in the Village.

So how do the businesses on Church Road pay tribute to the reason tens of thousands pour into this Village for two weeks every summer? Well…just look at their fabulous window displays!!

At Number 6 Church Road, you will find my favourite place to shop for undies! Yes, the fabulous Caroline Randall never lets us down with their window displays – including some tennis racquets and tennis balls – and this year they have a purple and green selection of lingerie and swimwear on display, as well as some Wimbledon all-whites. You can always rely on Caroline Randall to hit the mark!

Further along at Number 12 Church Road is the Nordic Balance Clinic, who offer a range of therapies to keep you in shape. Two giant tennis racquets and a skeleton who totally looks ready for a day at Centre Court. However, he won’t be going anywhere – he will be right there until the tennis is over, and I look forward to seeing what this very active skeleton gets up to next. I have seen him take on all sports – but of course we are happiest to see him supporting Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

Across the road at Number 5 Church Road is one of numerous estate agents in the Village who wisely embrace the spirit of Wimbledon Tennis Championships at the AELTC because they know how vital it is for the local economy, drawing visitors all year round. John D Wood & Co Estate Agents have a fabulous dynamic window display, featuring some tennis action, lots of tennis balls, and of course some strawberries and champers.

I don’t hold it against them, but they once interviewed for a role – and were rather vague about how many hours it involved – their advertisement was clearly incorrect – and they did not offer me the job. I wonder if it was because I could not hide my astonishment during the interview when they seemed to want someone who could pop into work at their beck and call and have no set routine.

At 17-21 Church Road is another estate agents (we seem to have a very high proportion of them here in the Village). I did in fact used to work for Jackson-Stops, but left when I had an exciting opportunity crop up to work in a field that suited me a lot more than lettings did.

If you are wondering what that red figure is in the left image, take a look at the Jackson-Stops website where you will see their red icon, which for Wimbledon has exchanged the axe for a tennis racquet.

On the right, you see the AELTCC in the foreground, with the River Thames, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, The Shard and London Eye, all guarded by two of the Queen’s Guards gripping their tennis racquets (hard to play tennis when you are staying still), while double-decker buses bundle along. It is all fun, which is exactly what we like to see.

I am going to feature the popular Church Road pub restaurant “Fire Stables” for another post and instead take you along to Number 37 & 37A Church Road, where you will find Kevin Bassett Wealth Management, who offer financial panning services and help clients to reach their financial goals – but you do have to pay them of course, so you need to have some capital to start out with. But they do assist in the creation and preservation of wealth and help you to plan your financial journey.

Kevin Bassett’s window display has won my heart – as the Wombles are always going to be my favourite Wimbledon features. What could be better than Wombles playing tennis? And did you notice that these Wombles also have the Wimbledon Tennis trophies!

The last business on Church Road I am featuring is at Number 39, and it is The Family Treatment Service, who provide a range of therapies and services to support children and adults in a range of areas. I was fascinated to read their website. I also have a couple of friends who have had a great deal of praise regarding their personal experiences of support with eating disorders in the family.

I think their display is very beautiful – there is absolutely no doubt that they have captured the Wimbledon excitement and made it very pretty. I love that along with the typical summertime and tennis symbols, there is also an umbrella tucked into their display. Yes, yes, and yes again – how many times have we endured a day being soaked to the skin! But we do it because it is all part of the fun.

So…with the mention of family and fun, I wanted to share a link to one of the videos that Wimbledon Tennis Championships have featured on their YouTube channel, which in this case is especially designed for children. It shares the charming story of one of the most popular figures from Wimbledon – Mansour Bahrami.

I also wanted to share teaser video showing the work that has been going on behind he scenes – and living so close to the Club, we love to see the preparations for the Championships taking place. We know it is time to start ordering Pimm’s and vast quantities of strawberries and cream.

7 thoughts on “The Fun Begins As Church Road Celebrates Wimbledon

  1. I love the skeleton in the Window – not so sure he is a great advert for tennis though.
    That video about Mansour Bahrami was fantastic. I have to admit, I love Wimbledon most for the comedy moments.It makes the atmosphere so electric.

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    1. There is a great video on the WTC YouTube channel sharing the story of the Irish chap who ended up playing doubles and wearing one of the players skirts – it was all great fun.


  2. Well what great window displays I love them I used to be a window dresser so they appeal to me . I think it’s great that you are so excited about The Tennis and so proud of your “Village” 🎾🎾🎾

    Liked by 1 person

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