A Wander Along Wimbledon Village High Street

A Wander Along Wimbledon Village High Street

If you are attending Wimbledon Tennis Championships a the AELTC, then you need to be prepared for anything that British summertime throws at you. I recommend nipping into Wimbledon Pharmacy at Number 80 on the High Street to pick up sun block, anti-histamines, insect bite cream, an umbrella and sunglasses. The friendly staff keep the pharmacy shelves well polished and are always happy to help.

The decorations outside their pharmacy are stunning, and I am so proud that they contribute to the community and look after visitors who may have forgotten essentials for a day out.

I see that the Cancer Research UK charity shop at number 83 on the High Street have a seventies themed window display, mentioned some of the big tennis superstars from the seventies – a great era for tennis. Billie Jean King, Björn Borg and Chrissie Evert were huge sensations.

I love the whites as well – I have to admit I find it a lot easier to enjoy tennis when they are playing on a green court and wearing white – but maybe that’s because those colours are so summery to me.

Megan’s (In The Village) Cafe at Number 89 High Street has only been open for two or three years (and of course closed during most of that time due to the Pandemic) but since it opened, it has been a very popular foodie destination. We have been in a couple of times with Wills and his girlfriend. They love the food – think of the most indulgent dishes from around the Mediterranean served with generosity and style, but seated in a twinkling, sparkly loungey sort of laid back location. The food we enjoyed was delicious, I just need to be hungrier next time I go.

I would suggest going for a long run on a Saturday morning, having a quick shower, and then wandering over to Megan’s for a brunch to refuel. They look lovely though, and I am sure they will be very busy throughout the Championships.

At Number 89 on Wimbledon Village’s High Street you will find Andy’s Salon, my favourite hair dressers in the Village. I am terribly disloyal and I tend to go to a different salon every time I need a trim. I suppose that is because having someone run their fingers through my hair feels like quite an intimate act, and so I have never wanted to be over-friendly with one hairdresser. I would rather keep them all guessing if I am coming back. One of the reasons I like Andy’s team is that none of the stylists have ever asked me if my colour is out of a bottle – nope, my flame coloured locks are totally natural, and they respect that I want to keep my hair long, it just needs a little tidy up every now and then.

Andy’s often have great window displays. I thought this year they don’t seem quite as enthusiastic as in the past. But that may be simply because they are doing well and they know they will have a steady flow of clients throughout Wimbledon.

At Number 94 High Street there is a window display which really makes me smile. Peacock & Co have an office in Wimbledon Village (I think the other is in Epsom). The relection on their presumably very sparkly clean windows makes it hard to see their barrister playing tennis, but I am sure you can read their catchphrase “SEE YOU IN COURT”. I love it!!!

Just next door, at Number 95 High Street is another sort of estate agents or letting agents. Fuller Gilbert & Co have been around for around twenty years I believe. I became very distracted when I was looking at their website because the very first property listed was a house I thought Simon Cowell had bought the year before the Pandemic. I assumed that he was enjoying the whole “stay at home” situation over in the USA – somewhere like Florida or California, so I did not think he was making use of the house he had bought here. But I always imagined that one day he would have enjoyed the property.

Oh well – of course if you don’t have a spare £17,000,000 then Fuller & Gilbert have plenty of other options for you to peruse.

The last business I am going to feature today is at 96A High Street and is the little Fig Cashmere Boutique. Two of my favourite jumpers are from Fig, who sell lovely cashmere products and other items that frequently lure me inside to explore.

Now their window display may not be the most exciting of those in the Village this week, but they have made sure they include a nod to Wimbledon Tennis Championships by having tennis balls and rackets. Some of the big impressive displays must be quite costly, so I do understand why not every business can do that, but when I see branches of well known chains on the High Street who seem to have made zero effort to acknowledge the tennis, it always surprises me. It does not cost much to string up some tennis rackets and tennis balls – does it!

Now…it is time for another fabulous video from The Wimbledon Championships YouTube channel. Two videos for you today! First we have one of these lovely teaser videos showing all the preparations to make the AELTC look sensational for the start of the tournament.

This is a tribute to the players I have loved watching over the past fifteen years. We have had one of Rafael Nadal’s relatives stay here during the tournament, and he is always the player we tend to find ourselves following with great interest.

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  1. Do you know my blue Phase Eight jumper that you always compliment – that was from the Cancer Research in Wimbledon Village. I bought it just after having coffee with you in Maison St Cassian’s.

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