Fashion And Food Embrace The Tennis

Fashion And Food Embrace The Tennis

I have more photographs sharing how our local businesses in Wimbledon Village are embracing the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

My first photo today is from the business at Number 22 High Street, Phoenix Style, who sell pre-loved designer goods. It took me a while to understand their display, but of course they must be the wings of a phoenix, and a very stylish nod to the tennis it is too!

If you are visiting the Village, then you may want to take part in their social media competition. If you look closely their display says that if you take a photo and take them on social media, you have a chance of winning a luxury handbag.

There are three Thai restaurants on Wimbledon – and they are all popular. The one that has been here for the longest is Thai Tho, at Number 20 High Street. Our go-to choice for a takeaway is their Pad Thai Ja – we order a vegan version nowadays. It is great to see their gorgeous Wimbledon window display.

I was surprised when around five years ago a new branch of Thai restaurant Patara opened up at Number 18 High Street right next door to Thai Tho. But I do think that there is room for both (and another Thai restaurant was added further down the High Street not long after). I guess it is just testimony to how great Thai food is. There are a few more vegetarian choices on Patara’s menu, which we have enjoyed exploring, when we fancy something different from our beloved Pad Thai Ja.

As for Patara’s window display – well, there you go…are they some kind of monkeys – all dressed up and playing tennis? I am not really sure. If anybody can identify these creatures with the tennis racquets, please do enlighten me.

There is a boutique that I am very fond of at Number 15 High Street, Boho Beachfest. It is like a summertime collection that is available all year round, very helpful when you are travelling to warmer countries in the winter months. I have bought so many pairs of sandals and kaftans from this boutique over the years, all very beautiful items that I connect to holiday memories. It is one of those little shops that it is really hard to walk past because they always have something gorgeous in the window. At the moment, it is the Fabian Chapot Carli floral maxi dress that you see on the mannequin.

Boho always make sure they pay tribute to Wimbledon, so I expected to see some tennis equipment on display. Do pay a visit if you are in the Village, but they are easy to miss as they are a small boutique with some larger eye catching shops nearby – the florists, Gails bakery, the jewelers.

I love that the Village are making it clear how proud they are of the Championships. Indeed, it is hard not to be proud of the AELTC when they are at the centre of the sporting world’s attention for two weeks very summer.

Here are some other little nuggets you may have missed from last year’s 2021 Wimbledon Tennis Championships – courtesy of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships YouTube channel.

3 thoughts on “Fashion And Food Embrace The Tennis

  1. The monkey tennis players on Payara’s window remind me of the Thai Monkey god Hanuman… possibly? Your right the high street looks very festive. 🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾


    1. I did wonder if it was some sort of significant figure. Thank you for explaining Willow. I admit, I am not very au fait with monkey gods or any other animal gods.


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