After The Shots On Court, It’s Time For Shots At Hemingways

After The Shots On Court, It’s Time For Shots At Hemingways

There are plenty of pubs, cafes, restaurants and bars in the Wimbledon Area that will be very busy during the two weeks of Wimbledon. But as it is Saturday, I am featuring Hemingways Cocktail Bar today because of their fantastic windows. You will find them at Number 57 High Street, near to Bayley & Sage.

They always have fantastic window displays, often with caricatures of famous tennis players. But this year, their window art is a mix of cocktail and tennis puns and also references to make us smile – a Wimbledon Common womble, a thank you to the NHS for their “ace” service and Elton John wearing tennis racquet sunglasses and claiming that he is actually a “racquet man”. It is all fun!

Hemingways are a great destination to head to for cocktails and fun at the end of a day at the AELTC, but if you are passing the bar in the morning on your way down to the club, why don’t you pop in for brunch or order one of their loaded brioche buns as a takeaway? Here is their foodie menu which may tempt you.

Hemingways Bar has been a popular cocktail bar for some time. They had to think of something to keep going during the Pandemic, and diversified to sell takeaway pizza, which I think you could order even for breakfast along with a Bloody Mary as I recall. Now, they are busier than ever. Apparently they have also been selected as the best cocktail bar in South West London.

Hemingways offer a great choice of cocktails. Their menu is twelve pages long, so if you are planning to head there after a day of watching the tennis, it is a good idea to peruse the menu in advance so you can order quickly. It will be very busy!

I never tire of watching clips of the best shots at Wimbledon…this video from the Wimbledon Tennis Championships YouTube channel shares the hottest shots from last year’s tournament.

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