Pimm’s Punch

Pimm’s Punch

I am not going to tell you how to make your Pimm’s punch – but it is one of the best things about summer garden parties, especially during Wimbledon. Robert and I like an interesting glass of Pimm’s – one with the full works. We have enjoyed Pimm’s at the home of friends with all sorts of herbs (such as thyme and basil) and a wide variety of fruit (such as orange segments and or nectarine slices).

However, we have found by experience that our guests prefer a less fussy Pimm’s punch. So nowadays, we add just slices of strawberry and apple along with some whole mint leaves (which we bruise before adding to the jug or carafe we use). In the past we used to use ginger ale, because we love a gingery Pimm’s, but we have found that some of our younger guests are not so keen on Pimm’s with a ginger twist, so we use lemonade instead.

The ratio of Pimm’s to lemonade is rather a matter of taste, we tend to make it a little weaker if we have younger guests.

Pimm’s is such a delicious part of summer – and ultimately, you make up a Pimm’s punch the way you and your guests will enjoy it. Unlike the tennis, there are few rules wen it comes to mixing up a winning punch.

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