My Husband On WordPress

My Husband On WordPress

Friday is normally the day I publish a drinks review, but today I have something a little different for you.

A few months back my husband finally agreed to create a WordPress log-in so that he could “like” and comment on my posts. He has been very supportive of this little hobby of mine since I started blogging, and he often makes suggestions for my food, drink and music posts. Lots of my friends and relatives read my posts, but unless they have a WordPress log-in they cannot press the “like” button. A couple of my friends and my nephew had created WordPress log-ins so that they can do exactly that. So I kept on asking Robert if he would do the same.

However, Robert seemed to have real difficulties when he tried to create a log-in. WordPress did not seem to like him just creating an account without actually creating a site, which he did not want to do. It was all rather annoying actually. Yet, he persisted and with a little assistance from myself we threw together a basic site. But then he started to have ideas of pages to show off my cooking/baking creations and also to plug the books written by friends. But to achieve his vision, we had to tweak some of the settings, select a different theme, and customize the details so that it was all easier to navigate.

Robert does not intend to write posts of his own (although he has published a few), but in case anybody stumbles across his site, he has created plenty of links to lead him to my site. Here is Robert’s site which he decided should be called “CASA DE LEWIS”:

In addition, Robert is experimenting with the Twitter

…which I have to admit I am rather dubious about – as to how linking a WordPress account with another social media account works. He decided to extend the research by setting up an Instagram account to feature my posts (which will not embed properly into either of our WordPress sites, so I am not impressed by at all!)

My personal feelings about this is that these social media platforms are all rather shallow and transitory, whereas I find WordPress is a platform that has the capacity for superior quality content, engagement and motivation. Robert does like to tinker with these things and he has said so far there is nothing too annoying about it all. We will see!

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