Robinson’s Crushed Lime And Mint

Robinson’s Crushed Lime And Mint

Oh what to drink in the hot, humid, summer months? I drink mostly water, but I do also need to liven up my beverages at least once day with something fresh and zingy. I often just add a slice of lemon or lime, or a few bruised mint leaves to a jug of iced water. But when I am in a hurry, and just want a glass of something to stir my tastebuds and refresh me, I now have the perfect solution.

Perhaps the essential summer cordial, Robinson’s Crushed Lime And Mint is just perfect if you want a cordial that is not overly sweet, but does have an energizing and reviving edge to it. I think it is especially delicious with icy water. My nephew adds a dash of this cordial to a glass of zero sugar lemonade.

Everything about this cordial screams summer and so into the trolley it goes every month of our British summertime. It deserves a place in every kitchen cupboard.

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