Chegworth Valley Apple And Beetroot Juice

Chegworth Valley Apple And Beetroot Juice

Every Sunday there is a farmer’s market here in Wimbledon Village. We have been travelling down to Surrey most Sundays, so we have missed out on a delightful array of produce. But just after we returned from France, we wandered over towards the Common to stretch our legs and realized we had caught the market just before everyone packed up their stalls. As well as a huge loaf of bread and some vegetables, we were swayed by the colourful bottles of Chegworth Valley juices.

We purchased three bottles for £9 and for some reason we had a hard time deciding which three to pick from the selection. There was one juice that Robert and I both wanted to try though. Chegworth Valley Apple and Beetroot juice – where have you been all of my life?

The chap who handled the transaction told us that this is Rick Stein’s favourite. Well, it is not difficult to see why – apple and beetroot is the most inspired combination – we use it in soup, but this juice is just splendid as a juice can be. We are thrilled to find it, and next time we catch the market, I think we are agreed to stock up on this jewel of a juice.


2 thoughts on “Chegworth Valley Apple And Beetroot Juice

    1. I have never passed you there Hugh. But I will look out for you in future. We are giving the spare room a spruce up for Wills. Has he told you about his welcome back party?


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